Eid 2016

Jul 2016

To celebrate the end of Ramadam 2016, Feeding the Fish were invited to be part of Katara’s Eid celebrations at Katara Cultural Village in Qatar.

We produced our spectacular LED light show Kaleidoscope especially for the event, which features LED graphics spun in the air with our in-house built light batons. Over four nights at the Katara Cultural Village’s stadium venue, Feeding the Fish wowed an audience with this celebratory performance, which built to the grand reveal of Eid celebrations and logos from Katara’s team.

We shared the bill with drummers Spark! amongst a host of other brilliant entertainment acts. We were involved in the event thanks to the fantastic performance production company Creartys.

The event was a fantastic opportunity to perform at a new venue, and to celebrate Eid 2o16. Check out the pictures on our Facebook page below: