Feeding the Festivals: where to catch us at 2016’s summer events

Jun 2016

This year Feeding the Fish will be performing at two amazing UK Festivals: Glastonbury Festival and Henley Festival. For those who do not know, here’s some info about these two summer festivals, and where you can find us.

Glastonbury Festival, 22-26 June, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset.

So if you missed the memo for the last, well, 40 years or so, Glastonbury is one of the biggest festivals in the world. In fact, this year the event is getting to big that organiser Michael Eavis is considering shifting the festival to another UK site. 175,000 festival goers attend Worthy Farm in Somerset every year in June, and the festival boasts over 86 stages. Glastonbury is famous for being an all-rounder, you can glamp (glamourous-camping) or you can rough it with a newspaper for a bed. The five days are also essentially responsible for the UK’s reputation for having the most unpredictable weather. Here’s hoping for sunshine in 2016. This year Feeding the Fish will be headlining the main stage at Theatre and Circus – Circus Big Top – and we will also be performing on the Cabaret and Sensation Seekers stages.

Henley Festival, 6-10 July, Henley-on-Thames

Situated on the beautiful Henley-on-Thames, this festival is a pure antidote to the sleepless days and mud-soaked fields of Glastonbury. The idea for Henley Festival was first conceived in 1983, and this year will welcome over 30,000 guests. This black-tie festival describes itself as a ‘boutique cultural experience’. It not only features an incredible line-up of live music and cabaret performance, but an incredible gastronomical experience. This really is the future of festivals. Oh, and an added plus – tickets are still available! Feeding the Fish will be performing every night of the festival as part of ‘Digital Cabaret’.

Glastonbury Festival Show Times

Stage: Circus Big Top / Show: Lightworks

Fri 00:33-00:53 / Sat 00:42-01:02 / Sun 23:30-23:50


Stage: Cabaret / Show: Supernova

Fri 00:45-00:50 / Sat 23:35-23:40 / Sun 22:45-22:50


Stage: Sensation Seekers / Show: Supernova

Fri 01:51-01:56 / Sat 00:35-00:41 / Sun 23:40-23:45


Henley Festival Performances

Stage: The Top / Show: Special mix of Kaleidoscope, Flux and Supernova

Wed-Sat 10:45pm / Sun 10:30pm