LED suits on LED ice…

Nov 2016

This Christmas our LED suits took to the ice to celebrate the press launch of the Canary Wharf Ice Rink: LUMINOCITY.

LUMINOCITY is filled with over 8km of LED lights that light up from beneath the ice and throughout the venue. So it was only right that our LED Suits – which are covered in LED strips that light up in sync, displaying custom graphics and videos – made an appearance at the press event.

The LED Video Suits were worn by the talented ice skaters including Zoe Wilkinson and Christopher Boyadji, who performed at the opening of the evening. The graphics on the suits and within the ice lit up in sync with their movements, wowing the audience. You can watch the video below:

Ice Rink Canary Wharf from Canary Wharf on Vimeo.

The legendary skater Robert Burgerman – who has worked on Dancing on Ice (ITV) and Strictly on Ice (BBC) – choreographed the skating. Burgerman shared a video of the performance on Twitter, which was then retweeted by skating icons Torvill and Dean. After the performance the press attending the event were able to try out the LED skating experience for themselves.

Luminosity is open 4 November 2016 – 25 February 2017 at Ice Rink Canary Wharf. Book tickets in advance.

Feeding the Fish have been performing their LED light shows at events for 20 years. From tron dancing to light juggling, our expertise in events across the globe is second to none. To find out how we can light up your next event, contact us here.