Festival of the Spoken Nerd

Sep 2019

It’s always nice to work with lovely people…however working with lovely BRAINY people is even nicer. And this epithet almost exactly describes the crew at FOTSN, experts in a niche selection of scientific categories. Blending humour with fantastic levels of unnecessary detail in subjects as diverse as ‘how does a quartz digital watch work?’ or ‘everything you ever wanted to know about Honey Badgers’, we found ourselves providing pre-show and interval entertainment in the form of our Light Painting Photo Booth – capturing unique images of the audience members in all their nerdy glory. And at FOTSN nerdy is always meant as a compliment. We used a combination of Pixel-Poi and other light-painting techniques to produce images which guests could either share on social media or print out and take home. Some of our favourite images are attached to this blogpost, including photos of the hosts themselves, the wonderful Helen Arney and Steve Mould. Thanks also to Dan of the Back Yard Comedy Club for letting us take over half of his foyer, as well as being the first person to have brought a dog into the light painting photo-booth for a photo!