Maui Waui Festival 2016: LED entertainment meets music

Aug 2016

This year Feeding the Fish are returning to perform at Maui Waui Festival in Suffolk, which takes place over the first weekend of September (2/09 – 4/09).  The festival is now in it’s fourth year and is growing to be one of south England’s most exciting music and performance events. Feeding the Fish performed at Maui Waui Festival last year, and we were delighted to be invited to return with our breathtaking light show.

This year we will be performing our special LED juggling and spinning act – Fluxoscope. We will perform on Saturday night of the festival, the 3rd of September.

You can buy tickets here.

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Fluxoscope is a combination of our LED juggling act Flux, and our pixel-spinning act Kaleidoscope. This is a high-paced show where breathtaking light art and world-class juggling and choreography combine to entertain audiences of all age.

We will be performing alongside some fantastic acts, so check out the line-up here. We also recommend joining the Facebook event, to stay updated with all the latest new for the festival.