Off the road: the best cars and automobiles in events and promotions

Mar 2016

These days, as hoverboards fill our streets and Branson further threatens us with Virgin holidays trip to the moon, it’s easy to forget about the humble car.

But the events world certainly hasn’t. From motor shows to specialised inter-event transportation, there’s only one way to add a little va-va-voom to your event. Here are our favourite moments in history…

FtF LED BMW M3s at Clarkson Hammond May Live

So Feeding the Fish has some serious experience here. We first started lighting up the automobile in 2015 with Top Gear Live, which became Clarkson Hammond May Live. We developed our Pixel-Poi® technology into the inimitable LED cars. We fitted over 600 metres of our LED strips onto two BMW M3s – which lit up in sequence with our Pixel Video Suits®. The result? A spectacular show of LED synchronisation and light art, with some serious fuel…

Shakira and SEAT

The noughties was a significant period for SEAT’s relationship with musician Shakira; it was more than just the common language between the Spanish car firm and Colombian singer. They have sponsored her on two of her world tours. On her 2010 European tour, and her 2007 Fixation’ tour. The partnership raised money and awareness for Shakira’s charity Bare Feet through a special version of SEAT’s Cupra car design by Shakira herself, named León Pies Descalzos.

The frozen vehicle –Volkswagen Polo Twist

To promote Volkswagon’s new campaign strapline of ‘Air conditioning as standard’ , legendary ice sculptors The Ice Box teamed up with advertising agency DDB London. A full sized sculpture of the Volskwagon Polo was situated smack bang in the middle of central London. The icy car “parked” outside the Saatchi Gallery and, as you would expect, drew a lot of attention.

Ford Mustang Debut at World’s Fair in 1964

On April 17 in 1964 Henry Ford debuted the world’s first ever Mustang at the World’s Fair in New York. The night before, adverts for the Ford Mustang were broadcast simultaneously across the three major US television networks, and throughout the following days it was featured on the covers of Time Magazine and Newsweek. Almost 22,000 Mustangs were bought across the States that same day, and automobile legend has it that one Texan customer slept in a showroom overnight, until his cheque cleared, so that he could drive it home. It was conceived by Ford as the ‘working-man’s Thunderbird’, and continued its legendary status through the Bond movie Goldfinger, the classic McQueen car chase in Bullit, and the Mack Rice’s R&B classic ‘Mustang Sally’.

Oprah Winfrey Car Giveaway

In 1994 Oprah gave 11 audience members in her audience a brand new Pontiac G6, and then she gave one to every one of the 276 members in her studio audience. Giving each person a box, she told her audience that the final key to be found was in just one of the boxes. A golden ticket scenario turned to full volume, as each member of the audience opened their box they discovered they all had a key. Oprah then pointed, shouting ‘you get a car! Everybody gets a car!’ a line that would continue to be parodied 10 years later. Watch the big moment here.

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