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Top 5 Pinterest Accounts for Events and LED Inspiration

Mar 2018

This Spring we re-launched our Pinterest, bringing pins from our latest work alongside exciting posts of inspiring LED design and savvy event ideas from across the world.

So we want to share with you what we’ve found so far. Here’s our Top 5 Pinterest Accounts for event inspiration and LED design.


Founded in North America, BizBash is your one-stop-shop for worldwide events and future technologies. Our favourite board is their event tech!

London Bride

Weddings are one of our favourite events to perform at, and we find the London Bride to be perfect for local updates and inspiration

Catriana van Rijn

We discovered Catriana’s Light/Photography board recently – it’s the perfect combination of inspiring light design and how to photograph it!

The Creators Project

An off-shoot of Vice magazine, The Creators Project explores all the interesting elements of the world’s creativity – from technological feats to art experiments.

Architecture and Technology

We have performed at some incredible venues, and this Pinterest account details some of the world’s most incredible buildings and interior designs.

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